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Our mission is to honor and provide each congregation we work with remembrance (memorial) products 

lovingly designed to be as unique as the spirit of the congregant and congregation.


We are committed in continuing the tradition of bringing the energy of light to each name.

Our memorials affix names to the presentations in this time  honored tradition so each become part of the fabric signifying the energy of their living spirit that they handed Ldor Vdor teaching us Torah, along with Heshem into our hearts.

Yahrzeitronix -- MIssion Statement

 Replacing these manually controlled Incandescent light bulbs that needs to be finger turned on and off are 110Volts and invite their own issues. Yahrzeitronix fully automated technology utilizing 5Volts DC Low Voltage  was created 2005 and our newest revised circuitry implemented 2019. 

It is with these rudiments of commitment, imagination, products, and experience that with a little inspiration from our customer that we can produce an inspirational work of art.

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