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On the cover: Asked to create an illustration for the Rosh Hashanah edition, Iexpressed that my goal wasto create a graphic image that did not include the traditional apple, honey and shofa1.The inspiration for the cover came from the photographs Ihad recently taken of the yahrzeit memorial board that is part of the renovations at Congregation B'nai Torah. Through the application of a series of Photoshop tools,Icreated a composite image using the primary elements of the sculpture by artist Jerry Siegel The panels illustrate a passage in Pirkei Avot "Shimon the Righteous was among the last surviving members of the Great As­ sembly.He used to say, "The world stands on three things:Torah, prayer and deeds of lovingkindness.' " The panelIfound most inspiring depicts Hebrew letters cascading from the Torah. Rabbi Joshua Heller explained that the letters illustrate the words of the Torah as they spread to enlighten the world. L 'shana tova. -Eric Bern

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